Born 1982 in Calgary, Alberta

Lives and works in Calgary, Alberta



2014                        M.F.A. (sculpture) Pratt Institute.  New York, NY

2006                       B.Ed. (art education) University of Lethbridge.  Lethbridge, AB

2004                       B.F.A. (visual art) University of Lethbridge.  Lethbridge, AB



2018                            Time is a Flat Circle Okotoks Art Gallery.  Okotoks, AB

2016                            In the Pines Art House @ Phil & Sebastian.  Calgary, AB - Curated by Emma McCaul

2014                            Dispersion Stride Gallery +15 space.  Calgary, AB

2013                            Don’t Worry About It Juliana Curren Terian Design Center.  New York, NY

2013                            New Sculpture Casa Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB

2012                            The Sound of a Shape Art Spot.  Calgary, AB

2010                            Progress In Work Market Collective.  Calgary, AB

2007                            Dark vs. Light Shirley Wynguard Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB

2007                            Grow The Stop.  Black Diamond, AB

2006                            Change Vicious Circle.  Calgary, AB

2005                            Dichotomy Trianon Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB

2004                            Human Creation Lethbridge City Hall.  Lethbridge, AB

2004                            Griduated Tongue’n’Groove.  Lethbridge, AB



2019                             Cl*st*rf *ck (with Amy Gaulin and Daniel R. Audet) Boutique Gallery.  Calgary, AB

2018                             Accumulation of Memory (with Yasunari Izaki) Casa Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB

2004                            Symbols (with Daniel R. Audet) Gallery Potemkin.  Lethbridge, AB



2019                            Ghost Stories YYC  Roberto Ostberg Gallery  Calgary, Alberta

2017                            A State of Hope  Carving Studio and Sculpture Center.  West Rutland, Vermont - Curated by Whitney Ramage

2017                           People's Portrait Prize C Space.  Calgary, Alberta

2016                            Landscapes Reconstructed Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.  Banff, Alberta - Curated by Ann Ewan 

2015                             En Plein Air Penny Gallery (Dr. James Foster Penny Building).  Lethbridge, Alberta

2015                             Loose Leaves Casa Gallery.  Lethbridge, Alberta

2014                             Dreaming in the Apocalypse Sheep River Library.  Turner Valley, AB

2014                             Us, Here 111 Front Street Galleries. (DUMBO) New York, NY - With Nazanin Noroozi, Jes Hughes, and Matthew Zaccari 

2013                             M.F.A. Welcome Exhibition Steuben Gallery.  New York, NY

2012                             M.F.A. Welcome Exhibition Steuben Gallery.  New York, NY

2010                             Twisted Mystic Art Point.  Calgary, AB

2007                             Hidden Agenda: The Art of Conspiracy Galileo’s Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB

2006                             Salon de Refuse, Eh? Gallery Potemkin.  Lethbridge, AB

2005                             Memorabilia Student’s Union Building (U of L).  Lethbridge, AB - Curated by Michael Campbell and Tanya Sehn

2005                             Art walk 2005 Potemkin Too Studio Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB

2005                             Miniatures Various Names Gallery.  Lethbridge, Alberta

2004                             B.F.A. Graduate Exhibition University of Lethbridge Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB

2003                             Downtown Lethbridge Perspectives Bowman Arts Centre.  Lethbridge, AB - Curated by Suzanne Lint and Darcy Logan

2003                             In Decision University of Lethbridge PE Annex Building.  Lethbridge, Alberta

2003                             Art for Backpacks 320A – 6th Street.  Lethbridge, Alberta

2003                             U of L Annual Juried Student Exhibition University of Lethbridge Gallery.  Lethbridge, AB - Curated by Jessie Lacyco



2018                              One Month Studio Residency - Gushul Studios - Blairmore, AB

2016                              Visual Art Project Grant - Alberta Foundation for the Arts   

2013                              Training/Career Development Grant - Alberta Foundation for the Arts 

2013                              Fine Arts Graduate Scholarship - Pratt Institute

2013                              Carlow Memorial Scholarship - Pratt Institute

2012                              One Year Sabbatical - Foothills School Division #38

2005                             Visual Art Project Grant - Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group

2003                             Dean’s List Certificate for Outstanding Academic Achievement - University of Lethbridge

2003                             Department of Fine Arts Prize - University of Lethbridge

2000                             Honours Scholarship - University of Lethbridge



2016 -                        Visual Art/Design/New Media - Foundations for the Future Charter Academy, Calgary, Alberta

2017 - 18                    Sessional Sculpture Faculty - Alberta University of the Arts, Calgary, Alberta

2014 - 16                    Visual Art - Alberta High School of Fine Arts/Foothills Composite High School, Okotoks, Alberta 

2014                           New Media - Alberta High School of Fine Arts/Foothills Composite High School, Okotoks, Alberta 

2008 - 12                   New Media - Alberta High School of Fine Arts/Foothills Composite High School, Okotoks, Alberta 

2007 - 08                  Visual Art - Alberta High School of Fine Arts/Foothills Composite High School, Okotoks, Alberta 



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